SJA Seal
Staff Judge Advocate
Washington, D.C.
  • Legal review of HQMC and USMC administrative/civil law issues, e.g., Congressional legislation, DOD directives, Navy instructions, and regulations

  • Legal review of Marine Corps Orders and administrative messages

  • Legal review of release of Government documents under Freedom of Information & Privacy Acts

  • Assist SJA to CMC in his role as Deputy Designated Agency Ethics Official managing USMC government ethics program

  • Assist SJA to CMC in role as Rules Counsel for Professional Responsibility of Marine judge advocates

  • Support Navy JAG and Dept of Justice on civil litigation and claims issues affecting USMC

  • Assist Judge Advocates in the field on matters of general administrative law

  • Review Complaints of Wrong under Article 138, UCMJ and 1150, Navy Regs

  • Requests for Testimonial Immunity

Main Line
COM: 703- 614-2510

JCA Branch Head     
COM: 703- 693-2510

JCA Deputy Branch Head
COM: 703- 693-8165

JCA Attorney
COM: 703- 693-9106

JCA Chief
COM: 703- 693-8404