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JAI is responsible for providing overall management of all information technology activities and operations of the Judge Advocate Division (JAD). The JAI Branch serves as the principal advisor to the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) regarding the use of information technology to increase productivity and efficiency of military legal practice services in the Marine Corps. 

Main Line
COM: 703-614-9252


Application Licenses

Applications utilized by the JAD and the fleet require program licenses.  You must have the product key license to install most of these applications.  If you do not know the application license, please contact the JAI Webmaster.  If you do not have the software or a license to install the software you will need to submit an IT Procurement request via ITPRAS before purchasing the application from the vendor and installing it on your computer.   

Electronic Benchbook

This applications is available for download.  Here is the Link to manually download.  The instructions to download the application are on the link.  This application does not require a license. Download the thumbdrive version.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

This application is certified and able to be downloaded to your computers; however, JAI no longer offers licenses.  Please contact Nuance tor another 3rd party authorized seller if you wish to use DNS.


This application is approved for use in DADMS and able to be purchased for stand alone computers.  You can purchase the software through

Note:  You must order the correct version number listed above.  DissoMaster Suite is a Windows-based CD-ROM application that calculates family law child- and spousal-support based on California family law and relevant tax codes. The software has been approved by the Judicial Council of California for use in all state courts. 


This application is currently pending approval for the MCEN.

Total Eclipse

This application is for court-reporters only and for use only on non-MCEN workstation.   Contact JAI for further instructions.

DL Wills & DL Seps

This application is certified and able to be downloaded to your computers.  Contact JLA or JAI for instructions on how to download the application. Once you have this application installed, periodic updates are available for download on the JLA sharepoint site.  Updates can also be downloaded directly from